Environmental Cost of the Isreal-Palestine War – PuuchoIAS


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Context: The article highlights the environmental impact of Israel’s military actions in Gaza. The use of heavy bombs, white phosphorus, and herbicides has led to widespread environmental damage, affecting soil, water, and air quality.

Tool Purpose/Effect
2,000-pound bombs Causing large-scale destruction, creating craters, and resulting in environmental contamination
White phosphorus Illegal use in densely populated areas, causing severe burns and environmental pollution
Mk-84 bombs filled with Tritonal Release of harmful substances (aluminium and trinitrotoluene) affecting soil, water, and air
Tritonal is a mix of one part Aluminium and three parts trinitrotoluene or TNT. It is a dangerous explosive, especially when exposed to heat. Transport of Tritonal by aircraft or railways is forbidden due to its explosive characteristics.
Herbicides Destroying crops and arable land in an attempt to create a ‘buffer zone’ between Gaza and Israel
Destruction of infrastructure Disruption of water supply, targeting Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) facilities
Reforestation with non-indigenous species Altering the landscape, affecting biodiversity, and diminishing cultural ties with olive trees

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