[Day 45]: UPSC PRELIMS 2021- Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series


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Highlights/Features of Rapid Revision (RaRe) Series: 

It is a FREE initiative!

Program Duration120 Days (31st May, 2021 to 27th September, 2021).

1. Dedicated Portal for Focused Preparation

  • There will be a separate dedicated portal to help you stay focused and keep your preparation streamlined for the next 120 Days. The Registration link for the dedicated portal is given at the end of the post.

2. 120 Days Integrated (Prelims + Mains) Time Table

  • This year’s RaRe Series will include Integrated Revision Plan (IRP) where we will be syncing your mains and prelims syllabus together over next 120 Days.
  • The Revision Plan is designed by integrating IASPuucho’s famous flagship initiatives – 60 Day Plan and TLP Mains Answer Writing.

3. Daily RaRe Series (RRS) Videos on High Probable Topics (Monday – Friday)

  • In video discussions, special focus is given to topics which have high probability to appear in UPSC Prelims Question Paper.
  • Each session will be of 20 mins to 30 mins, which would cover rapid revision of 10 high probable topics (both static and current affairs) important for Prelims Exam this year according to the schedule.

4. Daily Prelims MCQs from Static (Monday – Friday)

  • Daily Static Quiz will cover all the topics of static subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Economics, Environment and Science and technology.
  • 10 questions will be posted daily and these questions are framed from the topics mentioned in the schedule and in the RaRe videos.
  • It will ensure timely and streamlined revision of your static subjects.
  • Note: Should be integrated with the 60 Days Plan 2021. This will expose you to diverse questions from the same topics.

5. Daily Current Affairs MCQs (Monday – Saturday)

  • Daily 5 Current Affairs questions, based on sources like ‘The Hindu’, ‘Indian Express’ and ‘PIB’, would be published from Monday to Saturday.
  • Note: Current Affairs questions covered in the 60 Days Plan and Daily Quiz Monthly Compilations should be covered retrospectively.

6. Daily CSAT Quiz (Monday – Friday)

  • CSAT has been an achilles heel for many aspirants.
  • Daily 5 CSAT Questions will be published.

7. Daily Mains Answer Writing (Monday – Friday)

  • GS Mains will be covered along with Prelims in an integrated manner.
  • Daily three Mains questions will be covered syllabus-wise according to the topics mentioned in the schedule.
  • In total, it covers 250+ Mains Questions along with synopsis.

8. Brainstorming on Ethics & Essay (BEE) (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Each week, Sunil Oberoi Sir (Retd. IAS) will take 3 sessions, two for Essay and one for Ethics.
  • The two sessions earmarked for Essay will have a topic-based discussion where he will discuss the approach to write issue-based and philosophical essays.
  • The topics will be picked from previous year question papers of UPSC and TLP initiative of IASPuucho.

9. Full Mocks

  • 3 GS Paper 1 Full Mocks will be provided along the lines of UPSC Prelims.
  • 3 CSAT Paper 2 Full Mocks will be provided so that you are not overwhelmed during the D-Day.

10. Rapid Revision (RaRe) Notes

  • Right material plays important role in clearing the exam and Rapid Revision (RaRe) Notes will have Prelims specific subject-wise refined notes.
  • The main objective is to help students revise most important topics and that too within a very short limited time frame.

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